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Webmining - DOGE

Actual DOGE rate : 0.00000036 btc
( last update : 2018-08-16_23:45:09 GMT+2 )

You can mine DOGE directly from your browser with Highwaytoco.in

> Enter your address and click on Submit !

Enter your wallet address:

How to use the webminer ?

First of all : You need a faucethub.io account to use the Webminer on highwaytoco.in !
Get one right there :

>> Faucethub.io <<

You can mine part of altcoin directly from your browser easily via this page.
Your CPU is used to do this mining operation and you have to keep the page/tab open !!

1. You choose the CPU usage : 25-50-75-100 % of your cpu.
2. You click on start button
You will see your Hash/second and your earnings directly on the Mining Stats.
And when you wanna stop webmining, you push the stop button.
3. The withdrawal isn't automatic, you have to complete the captcha and click on the "Withdraw" button. The amount will be in your faucethub wallet !
Minimum withdraw is 1 satoshi/altoshi.

Advices :

It's useless to open multiple tabs on the same device, but you can open the miner on several devices at the same time. All will be counted and linked to your account.
The cpu using is your own responsability ! Mining operation can increase your cpu temperature.
We are NOT responsible for any damage to your PC, so proceed at your own risk.
If you haven't any hashes displayed :
Try closing other application running on your computer. Look at your software(antivirus, ...), maybe you're blocking our software to webmining.

More info :

We use Coinhive and their javascript mining technology to mine Monero (XMR) and we exchange the product of that mining to bitcoin and altcoin. Due to this, the reward mays change and follow fluctuations of : the changes in the block difficulty for Monero (XMR) and the changes to XMR/BTC/altcoin rates.

Cloud Mining / Personnal

You want to mine altcoins by Cloud Mining or yourself ?

Cloud Mining option ?

Be sure to calculate right before using this. We cannot be responsible for the use or problems you may have with cloud mining.
They seems serious, and they aren't known as full scam like a lot of others. At your own risk :

Genesis Mining

From island with cheap and renewable energy :

Genesis Mining


A big name in cloud mining :




cloud and self-mining

Try it ! here


Minergate distribute a great mining software for those who want discover mining by theyself. The softs is available for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac !

Try it ! here